Kimmeridge, Dorset

A survey of the industrial and military remains at Kimmeridge was undertaken as part of a CITiZAN training session with volunteers from the Dorset Wildlife Trust in February 2017. Although now a quiet haven for marine life and birds the bay at Kimmeridge was once home to a busy industrial centre, the earliest finds are from the Iron Age when the Kimmeridge shale was used to produce armlets and later during the post-medieval period several attempts were also made to produce alum, glass and salt in the bay. More recent evidence includes early 19th century coastguard cottages as well as WWII defences; a pillbox and anti tank defences can be found on the beach and along the cliff top. The site is known to be affected by coastal erosion and was therefore selected as a monitoring site for the project.

The objective of the survey was to train local volunteers to monitor the site and to record the visible features on the foreshore and coastline. All features were recorded using the CITiZAN app which includes a location and photograph. Several new features were added including anti tank defences, a dump from the glass works, a dam and settling pits associated with the alum works and a possible breakwater or jetty. Known features were updated, several of the WWII features had the incorrect location so this was updated and photographs of their current condition submitted. 

If you would like to find out more about the features we have been recording or wish to submit your own survey on the remains then visit our interactive map