Partners & Supporters

CITiZAN would not be possible without a substantial grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund for the new project 2019+. We are also generously supported by the Lloyds Register Foundation, Historic England and the National Trust with additional support from The Crown Estate. 


National Lottery Heritage Fund

The National Lottery Heritage Fund NLHF (formerly HLF) is administered by the trustees of the National Heritage Memorial Fund, a body incorporated by statute. Since 1994 it has been the UK's leading funder of community projects involving the local, regional and national heritage of the United Kingdom. Their support includes historic buildings, museums and archives, natural heritage and the histories of people and places, and they have awarded £6 billion to more than 37,000 projects across the UK, including many of our partner projects. 

Lloyd's Register Foundation

The Lloyd’s Register Foundation is an independent global charity with a mission to protect the safety of life and property and to advance public education. It is also the custodian of Lloyd’s Register’s unique heritage collection, which contains over 250 years of maritime history including ship plans, survey reports, Register Books and much more. The collection is an important resource for maritime history, marine engineering, naval architecture, offshore engineering and ocean technology. The Foundation are committed to using the collection to create impact in line with their charitable aims.

The Heritage & Education Centre (HEC), which looks after the collection, is encouraging research that utilises their archive material (both physical and digitised) in different ways. HEC are in the process of making 1.25 million ship plans and survey reports more accessible to the public online and preserving them for future generations. Their website also holds digitised collections of the World Fleet Statistics and Casualty Returns as well as Lists of Surveyors and the Register of Ships.

Historic England

Historic England (formerly English Heritage) inherits English Heritage's position as the UK government's statutory adviser and a statutory consultee on all aspects of the historic environment and its heritage assets. This includes archaeology on land and under water, historic buildings sites and areas, designated landscapes and the historic elements of the wider landscape. English Heritage was also responsible for the pioneering Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Survey on the English intertidal zone.


National Trust

In 1895, Octavia Hill, Sir Robert Hunter and Canon Hardwicke Rawnsley created the National Trust with the aim of saving our nation's heritage and open spaces for the benefit of everyone. Today, over a century later, they have a staggering 4m members and care for historic houses, gardens, mills, forests, castles, 61 pubs and inns, whole villages and a goldmine. These sites now welcome 19 million visitors a year, from all ages and backgrounds. Following a fifty-year campaign to purchase threatened sections of the UK coastline (Operation Neptune), the National Trust also manages 775 miles of coast, including the World Heritage site in Dorset and East Devon. This is a vast commitment, not least because 60 per cent of the Trust’s coast is at risk of erosion and flooding in the 21st century. Each site is assessed individually to judge best how natural processes might be worked with to achieve long-term sustainable approaches to manage coastal change; encourage wildlife and natural habitat; anticipate coastal pressure points and look into possible acquisition of surrounding land and coastline.


The Crown Estate

The remit of The Crown Estate extends to virtually the entire seabed out to the 12 nautical mile territorial limit, as well as around half of the foreshore. They are one of the UK’s largest coastal landowners, managing, investing or with an interest in hundreds of aquaculture sites, moorings, marinas, leisure boating, ports and harbours around half the UK’s shoreline. Over the last ten years, the value of their property portfolio has doubled from a £4 billion to a £8.1 billion business. But they are not only a successful business, since Stewardship is another of their core value, representing their commitment to exemplary environmental practice, sustainability and taking the long-term view. In particular, their marine stewardship programme supports a wealth of practical projects, relevant research and other initiatives that improve the status and management of their coastal estate.


You can read more about our project partners and supporters and other coastal agencies here