Interactive Coastal Map

The massive CITiZAN baseline dataset of coastal and intertidal sites and features has come from a variety of sources: Historic England which contained the most recent data from the various RCZAs carried out around the country, selected HERs in the southwest whose RCZA data was not yet submitted, the National Trust and local archaeology groups including the Thames Discovery Programme. This is a snapshot in time of a selective set of site data and should not be used in lieu of HER records searches for planning purposes.

Be sure to visit the resources section for guidance on how to explore the map, or if you would like to contribute further, see how to add or edit coastal and intertidal features and provide update surveys !

Zoom in on the map below by using the (+) or (-) buttons on the left, or by zoom-selecting using the tools on the right of the map. To zoom-select, draw a square around the area you'd like to see in more detail.

To select a point and see more information about a site or feature, click the (i) button on the left. If there are too many sites clustered in an area, you may have to zoom in further to select a single point.

You can view the CITiZAN dataset against different map layers by clicking the dark blue plus (+) on the right of the map.

Map markers

  • yellow markeroriginal CITiZAN feature
  • green markernewly-recorded feature

Map controls

  • hand iconpan around the map
  • "i" iconselect a feature and see further information
  • "+" magnifying glass iconzoom in - drag a box to define an area
  • "-" magnifying glass iconzoom out - drag a box to control extent

Add a new CITiZAN feature?

If you know of a feature that is not recorded or have found a potential new feature whilst exploring the map, you can add a new feature here:

Find an existing CITiZAN feature

If you know the CITiZAN ID of an existing feature, find it here: