Who we are

The CITiZAN team is comprised of eight staff members based at three regional offices across England:

CITiZAN South East are hosted by MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) in London
CITiZAN South West are based with project partners the Nautical Archaeology Society in Portsmouth
CITiZAN North are based with project partners the Council for British Archaeology in York 

The Project Leader and Project Officer are based in London and are in charge of overseeing the national aspects of CITiZAN. 

Gustav Milne

CITiZAN Project Leader

Gustav is the Project Leader for CITiZAN, based in London. 

His archaeological career began in the City of London on waterfront excavations next to the Thames back in the 1970s, working on a series of major ancient harbour sites of Roman, Saxon and Medieval date, including the site of the Roman London bridge.

Gustav starting teaching archaeology at University College London in 1991 and set up the Thames Archaeological Survey in 1993, the Museum of London’s Centre for Human Bioarchaeology in 2003 and then the Thames Discovery Programme in 2008. He also developed a particular interest in nautical archaeology, working on various related recording projects including a medieval ship from Sandwich, Kent; an Elizabethan merchantman wrecked in the Thames estuary and the launch site for Brunel’s SS Great Eastern in Millwall. 

Stephanie Ostrich

CITiZAN Project Officer

Stephanie is CITiZAN Project Officer based in London, managing the national aspects of the project and providing a national focus for CITiZAN's regional teams.

She has an MA in Archaeology from UCL, a BS in Anthropology and a BA in History from University of California, Riverside. She has been active in UK archaeology for 7 years and has over 8 years of archaeological archiving experience in the UK and abroad, focusing on digital data management and database design. She is also editor of the annual round-up Post-Medieval Fieldwork in Britain and Ireland.

Stephanie is passionate about public and community archaeology, having been involved in such projects as the Walbrook Discovery Blog and the London Temple of Mithras oral history project

CITiZAN South East

Based in the community archaeology department of MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) the CITiZAN South East team are here to support community archaeology in West and East Sussex, Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk and along the Lower Thames.

Lara Band

CITiZAN Archaeologist for Training

As CITiZAN Archaeologist for Training Lara is co-responsible for planning and organising training and outreach events across the South East and for recruiting and managing the region's volunteers.

She was previously a senior archaeologist with MOLA and a Honorary Research Associate in the School of Ancient History and Archaeology at the University of Leicester. Prior to this she worked in Finland as a curator at Åland Maritime Museum and an archaeological field officer with Åland’s Board of Antiquities for whom she conducted a series of coastal sites and surveys.

Lara has also worked as an archaeologist on many sites in Sussex including the palaeolithic site at Boxgrove; the waterlogged prehistoric site at Shinewater and the medieval and post medieval site Ropetackle, Shoreham by Sea. She has held a wide variety of teaching and heritage training posts, including Project Officer for the Volunteer Services project at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum in Sussex.

Lara has an MA in Historical Archaeology from the University of Leicester, is an Associate of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists and has a particular interest in sound and mapping in relation to archaeological sites and in the interface between archaeological evidence and documentary sources.


Oliver Hutchinson

CITiZAN Archaeologist for Outreach

As CITiZAN Archaeologist for Outreach, Oliver is responsible for managing the network of volunteers that form the backbone of the CITiZAN project in the South East. His work involves the development of outreach events, training and fieldwork events for the public providing them with the skills to contribute to the CITiZAN project.

He studied Archaeology at UCL and graduated in 2005 having worked on excavations in Belize, The British Virgin Islands, Romania and Devon. More recently, he has developed a study examining the application of 3D printing in archaeology to support the Key Stage 2 History syllabus. He also worked as a researcher on a UCL led project to map Anglo-Saxon road and communication networks.

Prior to this role, Oliver managed large networks of regional authorities as part of an EU wide programme to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and support the adoption of renewable energy systems. 


CITiZAN South West

Hosted by project partners the Nautical Archaeology Society at Fort Cumberland, Portsmouth, the CITiZAN South West team are here to support community archaeology in Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire and Somerset.

Lauren Tidbury

CITiZAN Archaeologist for Training (job share)

Lauren is the CITiZAN Archaeologist for Training for the South West.

She has a BA in Archaeology and an MA in Maritime Archaeology from the University of Southampton. She previously worked at the Maritime Archaeology Trust for five years and has experience in underwater, intertidal and coastal archaeology focussing on both project management and delivery. Lauren is a HSE Scuba diver and has worked on numerous underwater surveys and excavations both in the UK and overseas. She also has experience in the rapid recording of intertidal sites at risk as well as marine geophysical and geotechnical techniques. In recent years she has specialised in archaeology and coastal management looking at how an understanding of past change can inform future management of our coastlines.

Alex Bellisario

CITiZAN Archaeologist for Outreach (job share)

Alex Bellisario is the CITiZAN Archaeologist for Outreach in the South West Team based out of Fort Cumberland.

More recently she has worked within Hampshire's county archaeology department as an assistant archaeologist and subsequently the HER manager. During her time in these roles she was involved within the planning system and responsible for the data quality, programme management and project management for the HER. She has supervised on volunteer projects in Cornwall, Devon and Hampshire and worked as a geophysicist and commercial archaeologist on rural and urban sites in the south west of England. 

Alex has a BA and an MRes from the University of Winchester and has also undertaken a marine geotechnical short-course at Southampton University. She has particular research interests in geoarchaeology, palaeolandscapes and the impact of climate change on fluvial and coastal systems. Her experience will be of inestimable value to the data-rich CITiZAN programme.


Thérèse Kearns

CITiZAN Archaeologist for Training

Thérèse is CITiZAN Archaeologist for Training for the South West. She has a BSc in Archaeology and an MSc in the Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Materials from the Institute of Archaeology, University College London. She has been involved in research excavations and survey projects in the UK and Austria and has undertaken the analysis of a wide range of archaeological materials from sites in the UK, Ireland and Portugal.

Thérèse’s attention turned to intertidal and coastal archaeology after she moved to the south coast and she is currently in the final stages of an MA in Maritime Archaeology at the University of Southampton. Her interests are broad in terms of site types and periods and she is particularly interested in the notion of preservation by record and the development of rapid recording and monitoring techniques for coastal and estuarine sites which are under threat.



Hosted by project partners the Council for British Archaeology in York the CITiZAN North team provide support for community archaeology in Cheshire, Cumbria, Durham, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Northumbria and Yorkshire.


Andy Sherman

CITiZAN Archaeologist for Training

Andy is the CITiZAN Archaeologist for Training in the North team, based at the Council for British Archaeology’s office in York. Andy takes a lead on organising training events on teh northeast and northwest coasts. 

In this role he trains volunteers in the identification and recording of intertidal features around the coastline of northern England. Andy is an Associate of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists.

Andy’s first experience of archaeology was as a work-experience student with the Hereford and Worcester County Council Archaeological Service. He studied Ancient History and Archaeology at the University of Wales, Lampeter and Wetland Archaeological Science and Management at the University of Hull. After leaving university he worked briefly for archaeological companies in Scotland and England, before joining the Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust in 2000. GGAT initially employed Andy in their Curatorial Division before he was recruited by the Trust’s Projects Department to work on the assemblage of preserved Iron Age timber recovered from Greenmoor Arch, Magor. At GGAT he worked on a wide array of archaeological projects including the Newport Ship excavation and the Arfordir scheme (Wales’ volunteer coastal recording project).

Nick Mason

CITiZAN Archaeologist for Outreach

Nick is the CITiZAN Archaeologist for Outreach in the Northern Team, based in York and working on the North-East and North-West coasts. He liaises with communities and local societies and organises outreach events.

He has a BA in Archaeology from the University of Exeter, and recently completed an MSc in Maritime Archaeology at Bournemouth University.

Prior to joining the CITiZAN team, Nick worked as a field archaeologist and in logistics with Museum of London Archaeology. He has taken part in excavations and surveys across Britain and abroad, and became interested in coastal survey whilst working on the south coast.

Nick also has experience working in the emerging fields of remote sensing, especially using UAVs to rapidly survey sites and create comparative models for long-term monitoring. He is a qualified diver and is interested in the growing trend for underwater hertiage tourism. Many years ago he was a member of the Young Archaeologists' Club, and is keen to see that cycle continue!