Become a CITiZAN surveyor

If you’ve already registered you may click here to become a CITiZAN surveyor. 


CITiZAN surveyors help us to record and monitor the vulnerable archaeology of England's coastline by making vital updates to our database from the foreshore itself. You can do this by exploring and contributing to our interactive coastal map using our app.


For more information on recording features and other info check out our resources page. Before becoming a surveyor be sure to read our health and safety and code of conduct pages. 

You can get involved in a variety of ways with CITiZAN: 

  • Attend lectures and workshops on England’s coastal heritage
  • Join us for guided walks to learn more about local coastal history
  • Carry out off-site research, exploring archives or exploring aerial photography
  • Participate in on-site recording training sessions
  • Adopt a coastal site and carry out long-term monitoring