South Devon Rivers


The South Devon Rivers region runs from Wembury to Seaton with a focus on the tidal reaches of the Rivers Exe, Teign and Dart. 

Between 2019 - 2020 we collaborated with local groups to record and better understand the wide range of archaeological features, including abandoned boats and barges, the remains of coastal industries and lost prehistoric landscapes. 


Estuary Storymaps


As part of our Legacy and withdrawal from the South Devon region Storymaps collating the history and archaeolgical sites off the esturaries where created in collaboration between ourselves and students during the Covid Pandemic. This series of maps are set to the CITiZAN themes give us a unique cross-section of each historic estuary.


The Dart Estuary

The River Dart flows from Dartmoor into the sea at Dartmouth and Kingswear. This map looks at the Dart estuary from its tidal reach at Totnes opening into the northern extremity of Start Bay.



The Exe Estuary 

A walk through the sites that made the Exe, set to CITiZAN Themes


The Teign 

An Exploration of the rich history and archaeology of the Teign Estuary, set to CITiZAN Themes ...