Coalhouse Fort Park, Essex

Coalhouse Fort is a Scheduled Ancient Monument (List entry No. r: 1013943) and includes the Victorian fort with its associated railway link, jetty and rifle range, a late 19th century `Quick-Firer' battery and a low-level radar tower dating from World War II. A Henrician blockhouse, built 1539/40 also once occupied the site; it's possible that the remains lie permamnently submerged just beyond the intertidal zone. 

Historic England carried out a complete survey of the foreshore at Colhouse Point in 2000 (Brown and Pattison, 2003). In the report they suggested that the survival of made-up ground in the salt marsh north-east of the jetty hinted at archaeological potential for buried remains that may stretch back into the 18th century.

With active coastal erosion taking place along this section of shoreline, an excellent baseline of data to work from in the 2003 report and with in collaboration with the Education Officer at Coalhouse Fort Park CITiZAN and CITiZAN volunteers surveyed the site in 2017. As well as adding data that will help track coastal erosion at the site we also discovered brick footings of north east of the jetty area, as predicted in the 2003 report.  A full report on our work is forthcoming and will be available viathe CITiZAN website soon.


Brown, M and Pattison, P. 2003. Coalhouse Point: Archaeological features in the inter-tidal zone, East Tilbury, Essex. Archaeological Investigation Series 7/2003. English Heritage. Available here



Using the app on the foreshore at Coalhouse Fort Park, Essex
Using the app on the foreshore at Coalhouse Fort Park, Essex