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We encourage everyone involved in the CITiZAN project to contribute to our blog. Whether you're on site monitoring, in a library researching, or conducting oral history projects, we want to hear from you! To submit an article please email your regional CITiZAN Community Archaeologist with your text and up to five images.

The Humber's Deep Past

17/01/2020   |   S Griffiths

How far can we stretch the origins of the River Humber? What did it look like over the years before and after the river was in place? And when and which humans travelled, lived and died within the region in it’s deeper past?

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The sinking of LCT 1029

15/01/2020   |   Chris Kolonko

LCT 1029 struck a mine and sank off the coast of Skegness 76 years ago today.

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Pirates of Druridge Bay

26/11/2019   |   Angus Stephenson

This blog is about Druridge Bay in Northumberland, which stretches for about seven miles of flat, sandy beaches between the villages of Low Hauxley in the North to Cresswell in the South, with Cresswell being c 20 miles North-East of Newcastle.

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Big Badda Boom!

28/10/2019   |   Grant Bettinson

Following our recent and sold out Forton lake Low Tide Trail, I have been inspired to draw attention to one of the smaller and often over looked vessels in this historic ships’ assemblage. These ships range from Motor Minesweeper to the vessel I would like to draw your attention to FL24 a Bomb Scow, a vessel with a great story!

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A Man O'War or three on the Mersey

17/09/2019   |   Andy Sherman

HMS Conway was the Mercantile Marine Service Association's training school for offices in the Merchant Navy. Moored of Rock Ferry in the River Mersey, three vessels carried the name before the last ship was wrecked off Wales. Several memorials can be found to her on both sides of the river and the memory of a Man O'War on the Mersey is still strong on the Wirral.

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