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We encourage everyone involved in the CITiZAN project to contribute to our blog. Whether you're on site monitoring, in a library researching, or conducting oral history projects, we want to hear from you! To submit an article please email your regional CITiZAN Community Archaeologist with your text and up to five images.

Crossing the Severn through the ages

22/04/2017   |   Alex Bellisario

The Severn River, with the world's second highest tidal range and exceedingly dangerous currents, is a monumental barrier for the movement of people who live and work in the area. Despite all of this, mastering the crossing of the River Severn saves any traveller the lengthy land detour so people have been trying and using the same crossing routes for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

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What do archaeologists do when they aren't working?

11/04/2017   |   Lara Band

Go to conferences!

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Mammoth task

31/03/2017   |   Oliver Hutchinson

The foreshore of Mersea Island has delivered some real treats already this year, but no one was expecting this

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CITiZAN at Hest Bank and Ulverston

30/03/2017   |   Henry Weeds (University of York placement student)

This blog looks at CITiZAN's work within the Regional Research Framework and at the work undertaken supporting the Morecambe Bay Partnership at the Hest Bank Pier and the jetty in Ulverston.

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The chilling remnants of the Cold War

13/03/2017   |   Andy Sherman

During World War II the Royal Observer Corps was tasked with locating and tracking enemy aircraft, at the end of the conflict they were disbanded. But were soon reformed and given a much harder task. Reporting on the location and strength of nuclear missile strikes in the event the Cold War ever heated up. CITiZAN North have been looking at one of the ROC fallout reporting bunkers on Mersey Side.

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