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What can we learn from pillboxes?

29/05/2020   |   Chris Kolonko

A look at what we can learn by recording wartime pillboxes. We'll take a look at 'Earwig Villa' on the East Yorkshire coast.

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Online Teaching for Classrooms and Home Schooling

27/05/2020   |   N/A

Details for teachers and home-schoolers for online session and courses with Dr Sam Griffiths, across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Dunkirk 'Little Ships' & the Thames Barge

26/05/2020   |   Gustav Milne

The Thames sailing barge (TSB) with its readily identifiable sprit-sail rig was a great work horse of Thames-Medway and East coast ports in the pre-war days. It's recorded that sixteen Thames Sailing Barges set out to do their bit in the summer of 1940 as part of Operation Dynamo.

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Operation Dynamo 80th anniversary

24/05/2020   |   Gustav Milne

Thames Barges & the Dunkirk Little Ships in Operation Dynamo

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Work horse of the Mersey

20/05/2020   |   Andy Sherman

Before the coming of the railways if you wanted to quickly and easily move large amounts of cargo you needed sail power. Whether that was shipping goods inland from an international port or moving products to a seaport for overseas sale. On the Mersey that sail power was provided my a Mersey Flat, a barge which evolved to deal with the specific conditions of working on the river.

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