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We encourage everyone involved in the CITiZAN project to contribute to our blog. Whether you're on site monitoring, in a library researching, or conducting oral history projects, we want to hear from you! To submit an article please email your regional CITiZAN Community Archaeologist with your text and up to five images.

Lost and found!: rediscovering the Bronze Age shaft at Belle Tout

19/04/2016   |   Oliver Hutchinson

Centuries after it was carved and decades after it was first recorded, CITiZAN volunteers relocate the long lost Bronze Age shaft at Belle Tout!

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Discovering the coast of Dunster, Somerset

14/04/2016   |   Alex B

Find out about the CITiZAN south west's team exploits in Dunster, Somerset with Historic England and the Dunster Museum Archaeology Group

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Defending our Isle: The military defenses at Bridlington

24/03/2016   |   Megan Clement

The Yorkshire coastline was one of the best defended coastlines in the UK during the Second World War, find out more about the pillboxes, anti-tank blocks and defences which still in some cases line the beaches.

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Much more than a smugglers tale: the archaeology of South Landing

10/03/2016   |   Megan Clement

Although well known for its smugglers tales, there is a much richer heritage in the archaeology still present at South Landing on the Yorkshire coast.

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Ears to the sea: sound mirrors of south east England

12/02/2016   |   Lara Band

Along the east and south coast of England, in various states of survival, are the remains of concave concrete listening posts dating from the late 1910s - early 1930s. The south east team have been visiting some of those in their area.

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