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We encourage everyone involved in the CITiZAN project to contribute to our blog. Whether you're on site monitoring, in a library researching, or conducting oral history projects, we want to hear from you! To submit an article please email your regional CITiZAN Community Archaeologist with your text and up to five images.

Alnmouth: "A Nice Clean Place"

09/10/2020   |   Angus Stephenson

Alnmouth is a small former fishing village on the Northumberland coast, about halfway between Newcastle and Berwick. Angus describes us what happened there on Christmas Day 1806...

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Lincolnshire Day 2020

01/10/2020   |   S Griffiths

For this years Lincolnshire Day we've pulled together a few updates and blog links from our recent workings in the county. Happy Lincolnshire Day!!

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Sanctuary wood

25/09/2020   |   Andy Sherman

It's red squirrel awareness week! Red squirrels are one of the United Kingdoms most endangered mammals and there are only a handful of refuges for these charismatic creatures across the country. One of those happens to be in and around Formby, so this week we're taking a quick look at the landscape in which they live.

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Raiders over the River Mersey

29/08/2020   |   Andy Sherman

August 2020 marks the 80th anniversary of the start of the Luftwaffe's intensive bombing campaign against Merseyside. After almost two years of attacks thousands of people would be killed or injured and the docks and towns lining the river would be battered, but not broken. This blog looks at the beginning of the Nazi's air war against Britain's largest and most vital west coast ports.

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Crafting with CITiZAN on World Youth Day

12/08/2020   |   Danielle Newman

Aimed at our younger volunteers, Crafting with CITiZAN is celebrating the joy of learning though hands on activities while talking about the impact of sea level change, coastal erosion on the coastline, and exploring coastal industries and lives. For International Youth Day, we are highlighting two videos which were released this years as part of the Festival of British Archaeology.

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