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We encourage everyone involved in the CITiZAN project to contribute to our blog. Whether you're on site monitoring, in a library researching, or conducting oral history projects, we want to hear from you! To submit an article please email your regional CITiZAN Community Archaeologist with your text and up to five images.

Sugar, cotton and tobacco - Liverpool's role in the trade in enslaved Africans

30/10/2020   |   Andy Sherman

Liverpool sat at the centre of the trade in enslaved African's for more than a century. Ships built and financed in the city, crewed and captained by people born along the banks of the Mersey, forcibly transported millions of men, women and children from west Africa to European colonies in the Caribbean and America. This blog discusses Liverpool's role in this despicable trade.

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Lloyd's Register HEC & CITiZAN - digital exhibition

26/10/2020   |   Lawrence Northall

An online exhibition looking at Lloyd's Register Foundation's HEC (Heritage Education Centre) & how it is helping CITiZAN's six Discovery Programmes research their heritage & archaeology.

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Kents Coastal Sound Mirrors digital exhibition

21/10/2020   |   Lawrence Northall

A digital version of the Arts Council funded exhibition & installation "Echoes", which ran as part of the Ramsgate Festival of Sound.

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African-Caribbean prisoners of war at Forton Prison 1796-1800

14/10/2020   |   Abigail Coppins

During the 18th century a military prison stood close to the shores of Forton Lake, a total creek in Gosport, Hampshire. During the 1790s the prison held hundreds of French African-Caribbean men, women and children as prisoners of war. Who were these people and how did they come to be in Hampshire?

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Alnmouth: "A Nice Clean Place"

09/10/2020   |   Angus Stephenson

Alnmouth is a small former fishing village on the Northumberland coast, about halfway between Newcastle and Berwick. Angus describes us what happened there on Christmas Day 1806...

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