Bantham to Hope Cove - Digital Walking workshop

05/04/2020   |   Aaron Rogers & Grant Bettinson

Due to the ongoing situation, we were unable to deliver the Bantham to Hope Cove walking workshop. The walking workshop was going to be lead by a fantastic student from Southampton University. 

Myself and Aaron were able to mash our minds together and produce this which gives you all the information that would have been in the walk with a few added extras.

We hope it will go some way in entertaining and engaging you from the comfort of your deckchairs and sofas.

So without further delay, let us begin!

Coves, Caves and Centurians.

This walking workshop was going to take you along the stunning Devon coastline from Bantham Beach up to the infamous Hope Cove.

During the walk, we were going to stop at various archaeological sites to confirm update and record our coastal heritage at risk. The sites on this stretch vary from lost Roman settlements, various pillboxes, potential smugglers coves, and a submerged forest. 

These stops we have made into a series of annotated points on the map below, click in for the information. We also chucked in a 3D model and some other annotated images to keep you entertained. 

Get your sandwiches and a cup of tea and have a look !

Click the link for the Fullscreen Version...

The walk would have been alongside archaeologists from the CITiZAN project & a current masters student from Southampton University who was going to deliver the walk.  

He has done a great job putting this together. Translating his research and the points where he had planned to stop to the annotated points on the map.

Despite us not being able to deliver the walk,

we hope this goes some way to help quench your intrigue on this unique stretch of coastline.