Events in 2016

CITiZAN archaeologists are holding events all around England. Come see when we'll next be in your area and join us!

Training: Hightown Submerged Forest

24/09/2016  |  10 a.m.


Come along and help Team North record the rapidly eroding remains of the prehistoric submerged forest at Hightown, on the Sefton Coast.

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Training: Pett Level submerged forest

23/09/2016  |  6:45 p.m.

Pett Level, East Sussex

Explore and record the submerged prehistoric forest at Pett Level with the CITiZAN South East team. Spanning Friday evening and Saturday and Sunday, this free training weekend includes mini lectures, a guided walk and foreshore recording sessions.

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Workshop: South Shields Sea Plane Ramp

19/09/2016  |  10:30 a.m.

South Shields

A one-day training event to record a World War One Sea Plane Ramp on Littlehaven Beach.

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TRAINING: The Brennan Torpedo Launch, Cliffe Fort, Kent

16/09/2016  |  6 p.m.

Cliffe Fort, Kent

Resting of the banks of the river Thames below the magnificent Cliffe Fort lay the crumbling remains of a rather unique experiment in military defence. The Brennan Torpedo is perhaps one of the very first examples of a practical guided missile, and certainly the first to be powered by steam! Join us on the 16th - 18th of September to explore this fascinating site.

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Guided Walk: Cleethorpes

15/09/2016  |  10:45 a.m.


Come and experience the 4000 year old prehistoric submerged landscape at Cleethorpes; see the remains of the submerged forest and the eroding peat shelves which in 2015 exposed a prehistoric trackway.

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