Events in 2018

CITiZAN archaeologists are holding events all around England. Come see when we'll next be in your area and join us!

Conference: CIfA2018

25/04/2018  |  10 a.m.

Brighton, East Sussex

CITiZAN will have quite a presence at the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists conference in Brighton this year - we're running a session as well as a workshop based around a trip to Bishopstone Tidemills which lies just east of Brighton. There also be plenty of other inspiring sessions at this annual conference and training event!

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Three years on the beach: CITiZAN in the South East 2015-18

05/04/2018  |  7 p.m.

Assembly Rooms, Eastbourne Town Hall

It's been three years since the CITiZAN project kicked off and there have been plenty of discoveries since then. Join us for a look at some of the highlights from around the South East region

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