Events in 2016

CITiZAN archaeologists are holding events all around England. Come see when we'll next be in your area and join us!

Illustrated talk: CITiZAN in the South East

24/08/2016  |  7 p.m.

Court Room - Eastbourne Town Hall

A chance to catch up on what CITiZAN's South East team and volunteers have been up to since the project began last year, and what we have planned for the future.

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Training: Beadnell Lime Kilns

21/08/2016  |  9 a.m.


Join CITiZAN North at Beadnell in Northumberland and help to record some rapidly eroding lime kilns in a cliff face.

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Guided walk around Chichester Harbour

15/08/2016  |  2 p.m.

Chichester Harbour

Come and join us for an afternoons walk around part of Chichester Harbour. We will be exploring the industrial heritage of the area reaching back as far as the Romans.

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Training: Agriculture and trade on the Stour estuary

12/08/2016  |  6 p.m.

Shotley peninsula, Suffolk

Join CITiZAN South East for a weekend of free training in archaeological recording methods in the intertidal zone. We'll be exploring the industrial past of the Stour estuary and examining some of the many abandoned quays and hards of the Shotley Peninsula as we record the remains of some of these fascinating structures.

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Outreach: Blyth Peat Shelf

11/08/2016  |  2:30 p.m.


Come meet the team and experience how archaeologist scientifically sample rarely exposed peat shelves containing organic remains like tree stumps.

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