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Old Pier (81875)



A stone L-shaped structure, marked on a map from 1759 as an "Old Pier". It is located on the outer of the southern wall of the current Beadnell Harbour. The legs go on firstly on a south-west north- east alignment and the second leg on a west east alignment. The angle of the two legs are at a c.75 degree angle. Although marked on the 1759 map as an "Old Pier" only one leg is shown. The structure may have been used as a pier as a secondary use, thereally is the suggestion that the remains of the pier may originally have been used as fish trap, though there is little or no evidence of this. The pier had gone outo of use by 1759 as it is referred to as an "Old Pier" on the map. The pier is discuss in K. Portions book "Limekilns and Lobsterpots" 2013. Legacy System: LBS; UID: 408482 List Entry Number: 1233049; Grade: II; Date first listed: 26-Aug-1987

Post-Medieval (1540 - 1901)
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Pier pre-1759

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A mole or pier-like structure situated at the entrance of a harbour, or running out into lake or the sea, so as to defend the harbour or coast.
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Man-made, roofless edifice or construction visible as substantial aboveground remains retaining evidence of architecture and materials, but which has been substantially destroyed.
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Can be seen from the current harbour. The foreshore is rocky and there is lots of seaweed so it is not easily accessible.

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MClement's image
"Old Pier" by MClement
MClement's image
Old Pier by MClement