River Torridge, Four Wooden sailing hulks

River Torridge, Four Wooden sailing hulks (71417)



There are 4 hulks which comprise this feature and feature 54950. One is more extant than the other three. in shore of this large hulk are the ribs of another but they only just show. Further SE (toward Bideford) are two others. They are all wooden vessels. The most extant is possibly M.A.James and is over 20m in length and 3m wide.(estimate) She lies roughly SE NW with stern at NW End 2 more Southerly wrecks lie with their bows more West across bows of extant vessel. These are Bessie Clarke and Emma Louise M.AJames. was built in Porthmadoc by David Williams in 1900 with loa 89.6 beam 22.7 max.draught 10.6. She was owned in Cardiff initially and used in Newfoundland trade. Later owned by Plymouth C0-OP and finally by Slade of Appledore who fitted an auxillary engine. The registration for 1930 says it was 70HP and Swedish made. Used for barrage balloon work during war and deemed a total loss. Some good timber was used in other ships. M A James was then left to rot, the registration closing in 1953. Her figure head is in North Devon Maritime Museum. The vessel in shore of M A James and barely showing is the hobah (81154)in 1929, built at Trelew Creek, Mylor, Cornwal lby Thomas Grey as a ketch and registered at Falmouth 1849. An auxillary engine was fitted 1919.Reg closed 1944 as no longer required for trading.

All 4 ships were working as coastal traders from the Taw/Torridge estuary until pre WW2. Emma Louise was built in Barnstaple on the R, Taw. They are part of local maritime history and should be recorded.

Post-Medieval (1540 - 1901), Modern (1901 and later)
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A maritime monument where the fabric of a vessel has collapsed, leaving the hull structure flat on the seabed but not widely dispersed.
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Can be approached on foot from Bideford or Appledore on SWcoast path. When path comes down to the shore to cross a stream stay on the beach and go towards Bideford. Boots recommended.

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