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A World War II type 25 'Armco' pillbox located below the cliffs on the beach to the southeast of Redend Point, Studland. It is constructed of concrete, moulded using corrugated iron and has a diameter of 2 metres and a height of 2.1metres. It is set on a square concrete base 3 metres wide and 1.3 metre high. There are three embrasures on the north, northwest and northeast sides measuring 0.6 metres x 0.3 metres and an entrance to the south, 0.6 metres by 0.6 metres. The pillbox had been constructed by early August 1940, it was situated within the Studland Sub-Sector, defended by the 7th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment from October 1940, replaced in April 1941 by the 1st Battalion of the Coldstream Guards. The Home Guard unit manning defences within this sector was No.2 (East Purbeck) Company, 7th (Wareham) Battalion. A field visit in 1995 found the structure had settled into the sand, tilting to the northeast, otherwise it was in a good condition.

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Constructed by early August 1940

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