Bantham to Hope Cove - Walking Workshop

05/04/2020  |  9 a.m.

Bantham Beach to Hope Cove


Coves, Caves and Centurians

This walking workshop takes you along the stunning Devon Coastline up to the infamous Hope cove. During the walk, we will be stopping at various archaeological sites to confirm update and record our Coastal heritage at risk. The sites on this stretch vary from lost Roman settlements, various pillboxes, Smuggler coves and a potential submerged forest.

This is a large hike from Bantham Beach to Hope cove and back again. The walk will be alongside archaeologists from the Citizan project who will answer all questions they are able to answer.

These hikes are to look for the weird and wonderful that has been identified in the Historic Environment Records and confirm its presence and record or update the record if it is still there.

Please ensure you bring lunch and appropriate clothing and footwear.

Limited spaces, Tickets will be available from the 1st March via the Eventbrite Page 

The idea behind a walking workshop is to introduce the public to the CITiZAN project and the app,which allow us to record, monitor and identify our coastal heritage prior to its inevitable erosion due to climate change & coastal erosion.

The walks will take place on known coastal paths and track-ways, with low tide excursion where appropriate.

The day starts with a quick on the move introduction to the app and how it works the group will then walk along the paths stopping along the way at archaeological sites to record and monitor alongside our maritime archaeologists who will happily answer any and all questions if they are able.