Ships at Sunrise - The Dart's Hidden Hulked Heritage - 23rd November

23/11/2019  |  8 a.m.

Old Mill Creek


An early morning adventure and guided trail though the history of the abandoned vessels in Old mill creek 

23rd November 2019

As part of our series of winter walks, this tidal trail takes you around the remains of a variety of hulks looking at the question of how and why ships become dumped in the estuaries all around the UK ?

The trail guided by CITiZAN maritime archaeologists moves through the creeks and inlets of old mill creek. Telling the stories, history and mysteries of the vessels lying on the rivers banks to the back drop of the Dart estuary at low tide as the sunrises.

Parking is on street and very limited so car sharing is recommended, if you are a Devon local you likely already know this.

The vessels lie in a very muddy environment, so please wear appropriate footwear.

Tickets can be booked via Eventbrite