Pegwell Bay & British coastal defence in WW2

08/11/2019  |  6:30 p.m.

Sailor's Church, Ramsgate Harbour


Pegwell Bay's sheltered location at the mouth of the old Wantsum Channel and its close proximity to the continent has made it a place of strategic importance for centuries; recent investigations even put it as the first landing place for the Romans in the British Isles. Fast forward to 1940 though and major construction of substantial coastal defences took place here in the face of Operation Sealion and seemingly imminent German invasion.

This talk at the Sailor's Church will situate the installations in the wider scheme of British defence building and explore the logic behind military coastal landscapes at this historically pivotal time. 


18.30 - 21.00



Chris Kolonko (CITiZAN North team member & conflict archaeology specialist):
An introduction to Second World War archaeology in the UK

Andrew Mayfield (Kent County Council archaeologist):
Digging defences, recent dispatches from Kent

Brian Daubeny (Historian)

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