Exhibition: Land and Sea

22/02/2018  |  6 p.m.

Barbican House, Lewes


For the third year running CITiZAN have worked with University of Brighton Faculty of Arts and Humanities, participating in the BA second years' faculty option Land and Sea. In this open air drawing course students focus on the distinctive qualities of the coastal landscape from the natural topography, weather patterns and erosion alongside sea defences, marine architecture and industry. eedback from the students and the University on CITiZAN's input into the course has been ovewhelmingly positive and really shows the value of taking CITiZAN beyond traditional audiences.

As with last year CITiZAN took the students to Bishopstone Tidemills for one of their open air classes. Prior to their drawing practice, we looked at the remains of the First World War Sea Plane base, the Children’s hospital, the village itself and the most recent excavations there by Sussex Archaeology Society. During the walk we discussed the effects of coastal erosion now and in the past on this stretch of coastline.

The students come from a range of disciplines including architecture, fine art, photography, 3D design and fashion and bring their repsonses from this site visit and others to the final pieces you'll see in this show.

The exhibition runs Friday 23 February to Sunday 18 March 2018, with the opening at 6pm on Thursday 22 February.

Barbican House and Lewes Castle is rin by Sussex Archaeology Society and open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5.30pm; and open 11am to 5.30pm on Sundays, Mondays and Bank holidays. See the Sussex Past webpage for joint admission prices to the museum and castle.

University of Brighton BA art students draw between the walls of Bishopstone Tidemills
University of Brighton BA art students draw between the walls of Bishopstone Tidemills