FULLY BOOKED Training: Exploring the archaeology of Mersea Island

28/07/2017  |  6 p.m.

West Mersea, Essex


The foreshore surrounding Mersea Island is awash with archaeology. Over the past 18 months a host of new features have been discovered by CITiZAN volunteers providing a tantalising glimpse at a lost landscape and the people who inhabited it. Curious wooden structures, ancient fallen trees, incredible trackways, pottery sherds and even human remains have been found between the east and west end of the island indicating that the sea is revealing an archaeological site that is potentially vast in size. 

Join us in July as we continue to walk the foreshore and monitor over 40 archaeological features. We want to understand how these features are changing and if they can help indicate the rate of erosion taking place on the shores. Of course, we hope to add a host of new features exposed over the course of the winter. So far every time we have visited the island we've been shown something new by our amazing new volunteers, so this promises to be a weekend of real discovery, who knows what we may come across....

This event is free and no experience is required. If you have any questions about our event on Mersea Island please contact us at citizan@mola.org.uk 

Off to work
Off to work