Training: Exploring the foreshore of the river Stour

25/08/2017  |  6 p.m.

Manningtree, Suffolk


Since 2016 the CITiZAN team and local volunteers have been exploring and recording the agricultural quays of the Stour. Nestled on it's northern shores lie many large timber framed structures that were once used to load and unload cargo onto waiting Thames Barges. They served the many and fruiful farms of the Shotley peninsula, the harvests of which would often find their way to London to support the burgeoning capital city. 

This year we will be continuing our invertigations as we move westwards along the river to explore a variety of structures near to the village of Manningtree. We'll be running an evening session in Ipswich at which we'll discuss the sites we'll be focussing on and run through some of the methods we'll be using to record them.

If you'd like to join us to record these fragile structures before they are eroded away for good, sign up now via Eventbrite! If oyu have any questions dreop us an email -

The Stour, Suffolk
The Stour, Suffolk