Training: Heysham Coast

24/10/2016  |  10 a.m.



The aim of this event is to conduct a walkover condition survey, in partnership with the National Trust and Morecambe Bay Partnership, to monitor and identify archaeological features on National Trust land at Heysham. 

The walkover survey will involve using hand held gps, camera and a written record of sites already known about. This will help the National Trust have an updated survey of all the archaeological assessts on the site,

There is the option to help for the full three days or for just one of the days.

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Please ensure suitable footwear and clothing is worn. A packed lunch is advised, however hot drinks and some food can be bought at St Peters Parish Hall. Toilets and hand washing facilities are also located here.

Rectory Woods at Heysham
Rectory Woods at Heysham