Training: South Landing Post-Medieval Pier

23/07/2016  |  10 a.m.

South Landing, Yorkshire


This weekend is aimed at those who wish to learn new skills, or to furter develop skill already gained, in archaeological techniques. The weekend will encompass the theory and method behind non-instrusive archaeological technque, further our understanding of the archaeology at South Landing and enable recording of the post-medieval pier located at South Landing. This event is done in partnership with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

The training is two days and is free, but places must be booked.

On Saturday the classroom session will start at 10am and this will be done at the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's Living Sea Centre. Part of this day will be a guided walk to help familise particpants with the variety of archaeology which can be found at South Landing. Please be aware that the terrrain will not be flat, there is a rocky terrain down to the beach and there are several steep hills to ascend and descend as part of the walk.

On the Sunday the practical element of the weekend will be done and start at 12.20 at the YWT Living Sea's Centre to walk down to site.

It is advised that participants weat suitable footwear and clothing, the terrain is rocky and partipants should be prepare for all kinds of weather (sun and rain). They are also advised to bring a pack lunch as there is nowhere to purcahse food. Parking is avalaible but it will be the summer season and therefore will be busy so spaces cannot be garunteed and it is pay and display. Toilets and hand washing facilities are located ta the YWT Living Sea Centre, hot drinks can also be purchased from here.

To book please go to eventbrite.

Erosion at South Landing
Erosion at South Landing