Understanding and interpreting Coastal Crust defences with CITiZAN

06/05/2021   |   Chris Kolonko

Here's another chance to catch our recent online talk for Dynamic Dunescapes

Our very own Chris Kolonko gives an overview of what we can learn from Second World War Coastal Crust defences through archaeological field recording and desk-based interpretation. Chris highlights the recent work by CITiZAN and volunteers at Rimac, Lincolnshire, to record and interpret wartime surviving pillboxes and Coastal Crust defences.



Learn how you can record a wartime pillbox for CITiZAN and what to look out for with this blog and guide- https://www.citizan.org.uk/blog/2020/May/29/what-can-we-learn-pillboxes/

And here's the models created with the measurements taken by our volunteers-