The Winter Webinars

02/02/2021   |   Grant Bettinson

The First in our 2020 Winter Webinar series.

This webinar was live on the 9th December from the fantastic Dr. John cooper from exeter university about a site from his past a Saxon Fish weir in Southampton. The remains of a wooden V-shaped fish weir and associated structures were discovered near Ashlett Creek on the tidal mudflats of Southampton Water in Hampshire. Radiocarbon dating of oak roundwood stakes taken from the main weir structure date it to the middle Saxon period. In this webinar Dr John Cooper discusses the function and operation of the weir, and places it in its social and historical context.

The Frozen Food Revolution!

This fantastic winter webinar looks at the Dunedin the first ship to transport a full cargo of refrigerated meat. Big thank you to Charlotte and Lloyds register heritage education center for recording it for us Links Below :

When Covid Stole Summer!

In this one of Special 2020 Winter Webinar we asked the Citizan team 6 questions as a year in review on the nightmares and dreams achieved in 2020. Enjoy!

Take two concrete experts and ask them a seemingly simple question

"In an ideal world what concrete archaeological site would you preserve and why? "

Then just sit back and watch as the knowledge pours out.

Stephen Fisher:

Chris Kolonko: