Archaeology Hunt!

30/12/2020   |   Lara Band

We developed this Archaeology Hunt for Back and Fill festival in Margate in October. We didn't just look for archaeology, we also looked a bit at how archaeologists 'do' archaeology. 

Take a wander through the ThingLink and explore the links within to find some fun resources to help you learn more about where you live or your favourite bit of the coast. 

And if you live in Margate, or are visiting, you can download and print the PDF version we made to take with you on the walk. Happy exploring! 

Take a look at this 3D model of one of the skulls carved into the chalk, created by Matt Mapleston of The Geekery who came on one of our walks. And download the pdf version of the walk here:

Margate Archaeology hunt! (CITiZAN)


For a bonus see if you can spot these chalk hearts and faces on your walk too!

Margate hearts and faces
Margate hearts and faces