The scourge of the seas: A WW1 German U-boat

06/12/2016   |   Oliver Hutchinson

This model was the result of an experiment in using video files to create the dataset to build a model from. A drone flew over the U-boat, abandoned in the Medway, in a variety of directions, heights and distances, capturing footage of the site. From this video we extracted over 300 still images that were processed using Agisoft Photoscan. The whole process took just under 3 hours from start to finish and we now have an accurately scaled model from which measurements can be taken no matter the tide. The survey has helped us to undertake a condition survey of the wreck and provides a baseline for future monitoring. 

As with many 3D models there is a loss of image quality the more one zooms into the frame. In this case it would have been good to supplement the aerial shots with some close up ground based photography to build in more details and textures. Alas, the location of the sub means this is not possible.


WW1 German U-boat, Medway estuary, Sept. 2016 by Citizan on Sketchfab

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