Marine Wonders - Guided walks of Lepe

07/08/2019  |  10 a.m.

Lepe Country Park


Lepe Country park is steeped in history. The Free Guided walk will concentrate on the role of Lepe in the Second World War. The walk should take around 1- 1.5hrs the terrain is firm under foot being a mixture of light shingle and broken concrete. 

The guided walks will take us through the remarkable cross section of the Second World War that the archaeology at lepe provides. The archaeology at lepe also demonstrates the unique threats to our coastal heritage from both the sea and land.

This guided walk starts with Lepe's coastal defences and then turns to show Britian on the offence, the massive efforts and Hurdles that were leaped in secret to prepare for the recapture of europe and the obstacles that were overcome in preperation for dday.

The Guided walks will start at Lepe car park

Taking place at 10:30 & 14:00

7th - 8th August 

See pdf for further detail.



medialibrary/2019/07/Lepe_marine_wonders_A4_poster.pdf (New Forest National Park )