Workshop: Recording Coastal and Marine Heritage from the First World War

25/02/2017  |  10 a.m.

South Foreland Lighthouse, Dover


Discover and record the history Coastal and Marine Heritage from the First World War

This free workshop will introduce participants to finding out about and recording First World War sites at the coast and offshore using apps and online resources. The workshop is intended for anyone with an interest in the conflict that took place off the east coast of England in the First World War. Whatever your interest - if you have dived WWI wrecks, are intrgued by local history or you have family connections to east coast seafarers - please join our workshop.

The workshop is being held at the National Trust's South Foreland Lighthouse. The day will run from 10.00-16.00, with a practical, walk about session in the afternoon as well as a visit to Fan Bay Tunnels. For full details of the programme and to book tickets for the event see Eventbrite. Tickets for the workshop are free but spaces are limited to twelve tickets.

This workshop has been organised by Fjordr, working on behalf of Historic England, and is being run with input from Home Front Legacy and CITiZAN. For any questions about the event please contact the organiser, via Eventbrite.

The Dover Strait
The Dover Strait