Illustrated talk: CITiZAN in Sussex, HAARG evening meeting

08/02/2017  |  7:30 p.m.

Hastings History House, 21 Courthouse Street, Hastings Old Town


As part of HAARG (Hastings Area Archaeological Research Group) evening meetings programme, CITiZAN archaeologist Lara Band will be giving an hour long talk on CITiZAN, and our work in Sussex. The talk will set CITiZAN in its national context, look at how you can get involved and talk about past and future work in Sussex, including work with Dr Scott Timpany at the submerged forest at Pett Level. There'll be time for questions and general discussion after the talk.

Free, with donations to HAARG for refreshments.

Pett Level August 2015
Pett Level August 2015